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Hugo's Gymfitness

Hugo's Gymfitness

Santa Clarita, CA. 

Call to schedule: (661) 255-2700

Ages: 3 – 6 years

Vital skills for toddlers!

Gymnastics will develop the flexibility, strength, tumbling skills and habit of a work out that our little dancers, ice skaters, martial artists, soccer players, football players, etc., will need in the future.

Dance, choreography, rock climbing, and trampoline are just some of the extra activities that have been added to our unique curriculum to help develop athletic skills in these young future superstars.

Call to schedule: (661) 255-2700

Ages: 6 years & up


Attention span, flexibility, strength, coordination and discipline are some of the skills that this program has included in the curriculum designed for these young girls and /boys future high-level athletes. The program will include all gymnastics apparatus, trampolines, rock climbing and much more, which will emphasize the overall development and progression of these kids not only as a gymnast but also as a person.


Ages 6 years & Up

After these tough times, parents are trying to find activities full of energy, skills and have time at the same time; Parkour is the perfect activity for our kids who want to use their energy to explore their own abilities. Using all Hugo's equipment, coaches will challenge the students throughout obstacles courses.

Call to schedule: (661) 255-2700

A Sport for Everyone! Improve strength and agility.

Learning and practicing in our state-of-the-art facility guarantees a safe and fun class using the latest technique for all the dancers, ice skaters, martial artists, cheerleaders and anybody else who would like to challenge gravity.

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