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Hugo's Gymfitness Annual Events & Recitals 


Here at Hugo's Gymfitness we give each student the opportunity to showcase the skills they've learned in class at annual recitals that we put on throughout the year. Take a look at the events we have coming up below!

Coming Up...


Hugo's Warrior Challenge
February 25, 2022 

Register Now HERE!

Our biggest parkour event of the year, the Hugo’s Warrior Challenge! Students will demonstrate their athletic prowess and parkour skills in a variety of exciting events. Students will race through an obstacle course in the Speed challenge, perform their creative moves and tricks in the Style challenge, climb and balance through the Lava challenge, and defeat enemies and reach their goal in the Hero challenge. This event is a fundraiser for our Parkour Program to raise funds for a warped wall! 

May 6th & May 7th, 2022

Registration is now OPEN! 

Pick up a registration packet at the front desk!

Due to Leotard Processing Times, our registration prices will increase every month! 

January- $65

Ferbruary- $75

March- $85

Boys will be $25, since no leotard is included!

Hugolympics is our biggest event of the year! Students from all programs will be learning routines in all events during their classes leading up the the event. Hugolympics features student performances, awards, a coaches routine, food, raffle's, giveaway's, and more! Family and friends are encouraged to come support their favorite athletes! This fundraiser is our only recital for our babyfitness, gymbuddy, gymnastics, and tumbling programs, you don't want to miss this! 


Cirque De Hugo's
November 2023 (Date TBD)

Cirque De Hugo's is our only Aerial Silks show of the year! A semi-formal event put on by our super talented aerialists, guests enjoy an upscale night out with great entertainment. This event raises money for new aerial equipment and silks. Registration usually opens in August/September depending on the date of the event. 

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