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State-Of-The-Art Facility

Experience a full-range of activities and programs in a safe, positive, and clean environment.


We’ve been consistently rated "The Best in the Santa Clarita Valley" for 9 years in a row.

Something For Everyone

We offer classes for people of all ages as young as 18 months old and for any skill level.


We strive to give your child the necessary skills, education and empowerment towards a healthier, longer and more enjoyable life.

About Us

Our programs are uniquely designed to take your child as far as they want to take their skills – whether they just want to attain their best physical fitness or they want to become a competitive athlete. We utilize the latest methodology to increase strength, coordination, flexibility, and self-esteem in each student.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create the "Habit of Exercise" in your child. We strive to give them the necessary skills, education, and empowerment towards a healthier, longer and more enjoyable life. The Habit of Exercise is a legacy that we are handing down to children that will continue from generation to generation for a better future.

About Hugo

Owner / Coach /Judge/ Private Trainer with over 45 years of experience coaching in the Santa Clarita Valley for the last 37 years. Hugo is dedicated to helping your child reach his or her goals and believes that the sport of gymnastics is the foundation for all other sports. He is a motivator and a promoter of the importance of a "healthy lifestyle"

Why Us?

Dedication. Experience. Success. Hugo’s GymFitness in our 15th anniversary has been voted #1 in SCV Valley for the last 9 years and has selected a diverse team of talented professionals who have shown their love for children and who possess the communication skills needed to work with children of all ages.

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