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Santa Clarita, CA. 



Hugo's GymFitness is now an official vendor for a handful of charter schools.  If you are registered with an approved Purchase Order (P.O.) from your school, your child will be evaluated monthly and can receive P.E. credits through our program.  We have created a specialized fitness program for homeschooled groups of kids explicitly geared to physical development based around gymnastics.

All of our coaches are professionally trained in aerial silks, gymnastics, tumbling, general physical education, ParkourFit and more.

Funds For the 2023-2024 School Year

Hugo's Gymfitness will be hosting 2 registration weeks. We have July 24th-July 28th or August 7th-August 11th. You can stop by any of these days between the hours of 12-2pm.  This is mandatory to attend for all NEW and RETURNING STUDENTS. Due to price increases and updated policies, all families using charter funds will be required to meet with one of our office staff members to set up your account for the new year. Classes will be between the hours of 12-3pm during the months September-May, schedules/class times will be released at registration. Classes are reserved on a first come, first served basis. 

Please DO NOT submit a purchase order before attending our registration week, with class prices increasing we will have to cancel your PO and you will need to resubmit with the correct prices. Purchase Orders will not be accepted/approved by our facility if you did not attend registration week. We DO NOT accept funds for the months June-August.

What are the Steps to Using Funds at Hugo's Gymfitness?

1. If you have never been to our facility, create a parent portal account on our website. 

2. Attend one of our Mandatory Registration days to get your account set up with our staff members and sign the necessary forms/documents for the 2023-2024 school year.

3. Once you have met with a team member and have received your correct pricing invoice, submit your Purchase Order to your school. Students will receive their athlete package at this time! 

4. When your Purchase Order is approved by your school, and you have set up your class time, you are all set and ready for your start date! 

Questions? Contact us here!

2023-2024 PRICING

Annual Registration Fee (Single Student)        $40

Annual Registration Fee (Multi-Student)          $65

Monthly Tuition (Per Student)                             $140 

*Due to our contract with the charter schools, we do not offer any discounts for class tuition when using school funds.


Aerial Silks (Ages 5+)
Gymnastics (Ages 5+)
Parkour (Ages 5+)

Tumbling (Ages 5+)


If you belong to another school, and are interested in our services, please contact the office and we will be happy to complete the process to become a vendor for your school!

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