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Aerial Arts

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        Aerial Program!

                            (6 to Adults)

You’ll feel like you’ve joined the circus, yet you won’t even realize how hard you’ve worked. Each class is one hour long and is designed for all fitness levels.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced aerialist, each instructor will adjust the moves according to your fitness level. As each participant progresses in class, more complex elements will be introduced. You will learn moves and transitions on a variety of apparatuses in each class.

Call to schedule: (661) 255-2700

Silks / Tissu

Consists of one long piece of fabric attached in the middle to the ceiling to create two long tails. You will learn to climb, invert in the air, and hang upside down. As your strength increases you will learn sequences, wraps, and drops that allow you to descend the fabric with style and grace.

Call to schedule: (661) 255-2700

Hoop / Lyra

Consists of a steel ring hung by one or two ropes. You will learn poses and tricks on, above and below the hoop. As you become more advanced, you will learn to spin while executing skills and poses. It’s an elegant apparatus for training, fitness, or performance.

Call to schedule: (661) 255-2700


Consists of one piece of fabric with the two tails connected to the ceiling at the same point which creates a loop or cocoon. You will learn skills to stand on the loop, hang from the loop, and wrap yourself in many different positions. As you become more comfortable, you can learn drops, slides, and spins.

Call to schedule: (661) 255-2700


Consists of a bar and two ropes that are connected to the ceiling. You will learn poses and sequences on the bar, below the bar as well as on the ropes. As you become more advanced, you will learn to flip around the bar and work on spins, tricks, and transitions.

What to wear to aerial classes: Comfortable, form-fitting clothing that covers the back of your knees, armpits, and waist. Long stretch pants or footless tights and a tight-fitting shirt are suggested. You can also wear layers and remove or add as needed. Please remove jewelry, shoes, and socks prior to class.

Age Requirements

We have classes for everyone ages 6 and up.

  • Adult Class: Ages 16 years & up

  • Teen Class: Ages 10-15 years

  • KIDS Class: Ages 6-9 years


  • First Class – $15

  • Drop Ins – $30

Private Lessons

Available upon request at $75 per session

Monthly Memberships

Each membership has an annual fee of $30

  • Attend 1x per week:   $100 per month 

  • Attend 2x per week: $180 per month 

  • Attend 3x per week: $250 per month

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