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Your support allows us to continue to deliver athletic excellence to the children of the Santa Clarita Valley



Dear Families and Friends: Hugo's Gymfitness has been a part of the Santa Clarita Valley community since 2000. Through the years we have provided a fun and positive environment for children to come and learn a wonderful sport at the recreational level and competitive. A sport that teaches so much more than gymnastics skills; life skills and tools that stay for a lifetime.

In all the years of Hugo's Gymfitness we have had many little athletes making it to college and achieve great things and even had several who came back as staff members. They all credit their success to the skillsets achieved while being a gymnast at Hugo’s Gymfitness.

As most of you are aware Hugo's Gymfitness had to close its doors for much of 2020 due to the pandemic and the state closures.  We have been doing our best to maintain our financial obligations and to maintain the viability of our gym despite our financial challenges.  To date we have NOT been able to secure any loans to help with our expenses.  We are aware many industries and businesses are now facing difficulties financially. Gyms of all types, are being hit especially hard. We ask that you consider a donation. Any amount is welcome!


We are committed to making sure that Hugo's Gymfitness will thrive and continue improving lives for years to come.

Our staff is ready and eager to get back and work with the children as soon as we are given the green light by the governor to open Hugo's Gymfitness.


Considering the current pandemic, we have and will continue to take strong measures to make and keep the safety of our students, coaches, and staff a priority.   

It is our hope that our community and families will support Hugo's Gymfitness by donating to help keep the doors open.

We are truly Grateful for all your support!

Hugo's Gymfitness Management


By donating, you’re playing an important role in our community and joining a community of civically engaged 'Santa Claridians' who are invested in providing and maintaining a safe, structured environment where all children can learn and have fun.

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